Internet + Books = YES!

Thanks trendcentral!  Every so often you give me a goldmine of great links.  Today was one of those days.  For those of you who don’t subscribe, today’s was all about multi-media reading products.  Love it!


Book + DS, Yes.  Kudos.  This was a no brainer, but if you have to make your lil gamer read a book, this is a perfectly good platform and even looks a bit like a kindle.  And the titles are tween-tastic.


iPhone + Books, Maybe.  I have tried reading on my iphone and it’s not enjoyable. But I like books.  I watched a friend of mine reread Twilight by the pool this summer on hers, so to each their own, I guess.  This combinaton of video, audio and reading is a cool idea.  I bought one of them to try out.  At $4.99 the price point is right and the small bursts of info might be a better use of the medium than classics, etc.

Amanda Project

All media + book, Ok.  This reminds me of that book in 2006 that came with all the fun clues int he front and a phone number and a crappy website.  So innovative back then.  It was when everyone was jumping on the Lost ARG band-wagon.  Publishing is not know for it’s creativity and thinking out of the box, and this method seems like a step up from that older book (I will remember it and post) [Cathy's Book]