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Nick To Launch A Whole New Virtual World, Just Ahead of Disney is launching Nicktropolis, a new virtual community focused on games and video featuring characters like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Avatar.”Similar to other online worlds popular with kids, such as Habbo, Nicktropolis denizens will create virtual representations of themselves with their own living space in the digital city. They can then find games to play, enter areas centered on Nick shows, and interact with other kids if they have permission from their parents.The move comes as Disney is prepping a re-launch of its Web site with the same goal of immersing kids in a digital world full of its properties. While Disney’s site won’t be a “virtual world,” it also will feature games, numerous parental controls, and achievement points to keep kids online in order to earn virtual prizes.

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I am a data & results driven Digital Media Influencer with over 15 years of experience in engagement, family marketing, scaling infrastructure and audience culture across a product’s lifetime from pre-launch to millions of users. Strategic Vision & Business Development: • Articulated corporate integrated digital marketing strategies for 10 children’s entertainment properties across multiple digital channels • Authored a comprehensive business plan for scalable online community infrastructure for internal and external partners and successfully participated in a thorough VC due diligence process • Increased sales revenue by 20% while managing 6 million dollars of annual revenue in existing business services. Production & Project Management: • Developed multiple 2D & 3D multi-player virtual worlds, online games & apps based on repurposed/original assets • Produced 12 animated 2-minute shorts for broadcast on television & developed animation production department workflows • Launched multiple major website redesigns to include more fan interaction • Led workflow & process optimization teams to improve operational effectiveness/productivity. Audience Engagement & Research: • Developed domestic and international audience research programs both on & offline for both parent and children audiences • Grew multiple audiences from pre-launch to tens of millions by using organic, as well as established marketing tactics. Team Management & Relationship Building: • Designed team management & organizational structures for multiple Web Content and Web Marketing departments including international remote teams of staff in North & South America, Europe and Asia. • Managed teams in multiple disciplines, including customer service, social media engagement, production, moderation, marketing, design, tech and content development. • Extensive client, vendor and partner management experience in television, licensing, digital, e-commerce & customer service industries

11 thoughts on “Nick To Launch A Whole New Virtual World, Just Ahead of Disney

    1. paidia o mesogais einai aiotrfysskos kai ergazotan xronia sthn nasa.den ton kobv gia planemeno..kai giati nanai aytos planemenos kai oxi oloi aytoi poy akyronoyn kathe ti yperbatiko dia tiws epistimis..ti fanatila einai auti

    1. I’m looking foarwrd to The Odd Life of Timothy Green most, but Brave looks interesting and I love their anime type movies, so The Secret World of Arrietty seems good too. I think my siblings would love these ones. 🙂

      1. Provate exou ena panemorfo gakati stin doulia pou psaxnoume na tou broume spit i – 2 minon ,emboliasmeno , me ola ta ktiniatrika prosegmena,koukli poli trifero etc. Endiaferese? Ine katharo , omorfo ..k xriazete ena spiti – akoma k i stirosi tou nomizo kanonizete otan megalosi .

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