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SXSW07: Henry Jenkins and Danah Boyd Panel

Henry Jenkins and Danah Boyd

Cross conversion culture in pop culture
Essay a day on his blog –

how did you first become a fan and what does it mean to you?
– fell in love with another fan and discovered how different male and female fan interact
– backstory versus psychology
– in grad school discovered fans were not seen in esteem by academics
– fans used to be marginal (rogue readers he calls it)
– web 2.0 = fandom without the stigma
– collective intelligence – when the online community watches together
– demanding more complex content
– schools getting easier, media getting smarter/complex
– everything bad

media producers and how they deal with rise of fan
– have to get over control
– recognize the opportunities for growth
– moving from fans depreciate to appreciate
– firefly audience – was billed for copyright, they billed them for marketing budget
– collaborate with audience and vangaurd them
– embracing audience as unpaid fervent labor
– participatory culture is being threatened by corporate control
– bullying and overassertion of authority
– noone is standing up for the fan

social workers in sites
– mentors, work with kids
– help educate kids
– anonymous, no data stored
– harnessed the brand evangelism
– open up, reduce the parameters of creativity

57% kids content producers – empowered with tools, but not protected
43% kids who don’t have access – participatory gap
DOPA would give more restrictions to those 43%
Foley was huge proponent, Stevens (pipes) too
– all signs show it as passing, even if
– are the kids more safe if they are taught by teachers and librarians media literacy or if they are locked out
– restriction is not the answer, education and assistance is the answer
– Culture War attitude

Connecticut bill – need parental permission for any social contact under 18
– what role do parents have
– fear sells
– govt thinks kids should be muzzled

MacArthur – 50 million how kids learn using tech in/out of school
– publicizing through blog
– call attention to the mechanisms of fear
– bipartisan fights are silly, participation is a right – even for kids

role that tech can and should play in civil politics – where is it going
– language of politics is not eternal, changes and evolves each time
– particpatory culture gives young people a new language
– just how american idol helped us rethink music, politics can be mashed up
– may not be pretty
– ethics of our uses of cut out culture
– with great power comes great responsibility
– myspace, wow used as platforms
– need to figure out our ethics and norms of our culture so that we can benefit from this

– knowledge as product or process
– aside from it being done at all, it’s impressive how good it is
– use it and check it – study the collective intelligence
– ethics of the community keep the info in check
– one of the few spaces where a compromised view of history needed to happen, as opposed to trad history books with national slants on diff periods – is MORE true because of it, more critical thought had to go into it
– figure out how to engage in wikipedia practice or critical

truth versus faux – how do we work through those issues online
– lonelygirl15, unc breakup video
– historical examples with humbug , pt barnum’s mermaid, etc – decide for your self if it’s real
– non-contextual learning – grassroots media literacy (program for teachers/educators – MacArthur)
– teach dicernment , gathering evidence, etc

MMORPGs and Immersive systems (Second Life)
– second life is a new center of participatory culture
– comparable to mideval carnivale
– identity playing was done once a year as opportunity to make change (boston tea party, dressed as indians)
– instead of ritually, do it every day
– globalkids uses second life
– brigadoon- Mediation enabled place where kids can learn how to deal with each other
– Virtual Masadonia or Palestine places to play out/experimenting with social relations and bring back to offline

question about how do we attack politics of fear, is it getting big spenders (companies, hollywood?)
– how do we create low budget politics that has big budget returns
– can’t be granola or bitch slap, has to be smart and witty
– steven duncan – dreams – new book

siesteen chapel is mashup of bible
shakepeare is fan fic of other contemporaries
lol was used by teen agers in the 50’s

any links to second life (or other immersive environments) and alleviating depression?
– collective joy – book

environment issues
– oscars going green, inconvenient truth
– internet is opening up awareness
– son asked for trip to australia b/c of survivor
– very offline trip inspired by online awareness
– all had different theme songs from the show that inspired the trip
– tele-tourist as first step, then you become an eco-tourist

Determining a language to communicate across varying things to get points
– you dont know my aunt, but you know my fav characters, we can bond thru that

we need the big corps to supply the forums for these ways of communicating
– but they need us to push forward



Joi Podgorny has spent the better part of the past 2 decades working on the bleeding edge of the technology and entertainment industries, from content/brand development and production to leading international support, moderation, community and social teams. Most recently, Joi founded Good People Collective, a consulting agency focused on helping companies and organizations establish, assess and pivot their internal and external cultures to help maximize their potential. She and her team are currently working on an exciting new software project, combining corporate training and virtual reality.

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