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Visualization of Data

I was once affectionately known, not that long ago, as “Chart Girl” for my affinity for the visual representation of data. I like charts (excel is my friend) and making data pretty.

So imagine how happy I was to read in Online Fandom today about the new site, Many Eyes. You can take any text or data file and make it into a tag cloud, bubble chart, pie chart, etc. Here is one of my favs, a tag cloud of the Gonzales trial. His fav phrase “I don’t recall” is quite large, eh?

Gonzales tag cloud

I will definitely be playing on here more…



Joi Podgorny has spent the better part of the past 2 decades working on the bleeding edge of the technology and entertainment industries, from content/brand development and production to leading international support, moderation, community and social teams. Most recently, Joi founded Good People Collective, a consulting agency focused on helping companies and organizations establish, assess and pivot their internal and external cultures to help maximize their potential. She and her team are currently working on an exciting new software project, combining corporate training and virtual reality.

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