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Problems in SL

The Second Life Herald is reporting on problems in Linden Labs’ Second Life with child porn due to allowing anonymous users to come in there (a credit card used to be required).

I haven’t been back to Second Life since Gnomedex last year because I can’t bring my son into there (the rules don’t allow it, for one, and for two they allow the worst kind of human behavior on their system). I wish it were different, cause it had a lot of promise and my son really loved being in there building stuff. And don’t tell me about the teen grid. Patrick checked that out and promptly labeled it as “lame” when compared with the adult version. Also, the fun thing we’d do is work on our virtual office together. If he’s in the teen grid we couldn’t do that.

Anyway, these issues are yet to be worked out it seems. I talked with an executive with a big multinational company over the weekend who had a successful Second Life island and he told me they are considering pulling out of Second Life. Mostly because they couldn’t get more than about 65 people into their island, which limited its usefulness to do things like press conferences and such.

UPDATE: Project Open Letter has a letter to Linden Labs about ongoing stability problems. Seems that the natives are unhappy with Linden Labs. Anything else going on? I wonder what Eric Rice thinks about all this.Oh, and I’m still paying my monthly fee cause I’m too lazy to call them and cancel my account.

Second Life hitting child porn problems? « Scobleizer

I have been listening to the Virtual Worlds Coference audio for the last week, so my eyes are led to virtual worlds stories.  I think the most interesting part of this post is the comments section.  Those SL’rs are very passonate.

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