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Transparency and Me

There has been a great deal of talk lately on the concept of “transparency” – in businesses (Wired did their cover story on it a couple months ago), in management and I have been noticing more and more that early tech adopters are becoming more and more transparent.

My AIM and Skype ids let everyone know about when I am online. My tweets on Twitter give me the opportunity to give a play by play of everything that I am doing all day (if I use it). Trackbacks let me see who reposts my blog on their site. I just joined Me.dium yesterday, which lets me see where all the other me.dium users are browsing and converse with them if I desire (they see me too, tho).

Companies are jumping on this transparency train too. Google just gave us access to our search records, but they have had them for a while, especially if you downloaded their toolbar. I just downloaded the AdaptiveBlue plugin that gives me a semantic web experience, but tracks my habits.

What is strange to me is that while I champion and fight for clarity of understanding around privacy issues with children, I have simultaneously relinquished most of my own privacy, mostly because I see it as an illusion. I allow so many parts of my identity to live online and protect only what is truly dear (my family info, my beliefs, my SSN 🙂 ).

I am sure this has occured to most “cybers” lately, but it struck me today as a big thing for some reason. Thoughts? Lord knows I will probably find them out somehow, if you are as transparent as I am.

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I am a data & results driven Digital Media Influencer with over 15 years of experience in engagement, family marketing, scaling infrastructure and audience culture across a product’s lifetime from pre-launch to millions of users. Strategic Vision & Business Development: • Articulated corporate integrated digital marketing strategies for 10 children’s entertainment properties across multiple digital channels • Authored a comprehensive business plan for scalable online community infrastructure for internal and external partners and successfully participated in a thorough VC due diligence process • Increased sales revenue by 20% while managing 6 million dollars of annual revenue in existing business services. Production & Project Management: • Developed multiple 2D & 3D multi-player virtual worlds, online games & apps based on repurposed/original assets • Produced 12 animated 2-minute shorts for broadcast on television & developed animation production department workflows • Launched multiple major website redesigns to include more fan interaction • Led workflow & process optimization teams to improve operational effectiveness/productivity. Audience Engagement & Research: • Developed domestic and international audience research programs both on & offline for both parent and children audiences • Grew multiple audiences from pre-launch to tens of millions by using organic, as well as established marketing tactics. Team Management & Relationship Building: • Designed team management & organizational structures for multiple Web Content and Web Marketing departments including international remote teams of staff in North & South America, Europe and Asia. • Managed teams in multiple disciplines, including customer service, social media engagement, production, moderation, marketing, design, tech and content development. • Extensive client, vendor and partner management experience in television, licensing, digital, e-commerce & customer service industries

5 thoughts on “Transparency and Me

  1. Hi, interesting thoughts, here. This is not a simple issue of course. I think the key is who owns information. AdaptiveBlue says you do. We don’t track your habits, we leverage your browsing history to make the tool useful out of the box. Thats a bit different.


  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I agree that your aggregate data approach is much more of an outlier to the phenomenon of transperancy that our society is shuffling into.

    I am particularly interested in how this default of transparency is affecting today’s youth. They already are having a problem with critical thinking skills. If they don’t realize that the public persona they were so proud of in high school and college is just that, public, when they go for jobs, I see problems arising from that.

  3. Transparency & paranoia are starting to walk a fine line together. I’m transparent when it comes to my professional motives… but starting to be more paranoid about my private life. But– I’ve still got a long way to go before I can truly cut the ties, lol. But it’s this Jimney Cricket voice in my head now.

    But seriously– I’ve recently stumbled head first into the personal online collections of an individual in my work environment who is seeking possible employment with our online department– and having seen some of the work he’s left online… I can honestly say: He’s not working for me. Transparency is fantastic because you’re making an active decision to protect yourself with open/honesty. There needs to be a BIG decision made: Transparency or personal lock down.

    Linking your Facebook account to the company you work for and then liking it to your personal journal, that’s either ballsy or stupid. I lean towards stupid in this particular instance.

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