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Mesh Conference in Toronto: Day 1 Notes


Mike Arrington – TechCrunch

next wave is virtual reality
people are going to be spending more time in these worlds
second life is getting bigger and better
myspace is prolly here to stay – but doing everything wrong
facebook here to stay and get the medium more

pay per post – potentially non-disclosed positive pr in blogs

startups/entrepreneurs –
low risk – pirates of the new day

passion being the most important key to success in blogging


In between sessions… i found out about

kinsa – canadian

kids internet safety alliance

sounds like a COPPA in canada

they had a successful marketign campaign lately – rubber rings
getting more involved in marketing their message lately – more billboards

Web and Philanthropy

Tom Williams – CEO of, an online community for people who want to change the world.

Austin Hill – founder of Zero- Knowledge Systems

changing the way privacy works
TED – change makers conference

Stages of Interacton online:
Access > Security > Engage > Identity

– Have a huge number of people who have satisfied the first 2 – moving to the final 2 stages

how do you mobilize the web to make communtiy and make something happen
– ecommerce/philanthropy still in an intro phase
– beginning to see people change/blend diff technologies

question asked about kids and bullying and how it works out
– talk of transperancy and ethics of kids habits online (perm record)
– incredible good ne for giving them the tools to make a difference in their world
– let them make the mistakes and and interact ratehr than being passive – they will learn about being a memeber of society

give meaning gives all of their money to cause
– supported by ad revenue

******talk to them about their ad server*******

CommunityLending – soon to be launch community lending platform

best practice is to change form company to audienc eand make audience to audience

zerofootprint – reducing our footprint
darkgreenpc – shared computer resources
– broadcasting the amount your are saving form powering down your pc

dealing with credinibility and how to establish


Using Web for Good Panel

Zero Footstep – Donna Kaplan

Allow you to see you carbon footstep
How your changes impact in a larger sense
How your changes and others impact the world in aggregate


uses default values

see your and compare to:
– other users
– average in other countries
– use and footprint in regards to different resources (water, tress, etc)

Can set goals, brag, link up with other users

Built in Ruby

Been around for 2 years as a company
– NFP works to try to affect the actual change
– create frameworks through which you can change your impact

– charge a hosting fee (1 cent a user)
– funding/donation
– have Zero Footstep Energy

Children’s version
– Working with WGBH in boston – made character/mascots

Air Canada promotion

Canada Helps – Owen
– gone
– non-profit org to help facilitate online giving
– someone working on a civic footprint tool

The Always on Generation – What are young people doing on the web PANEL

– old ocm for takingitglobal
– millenium act
– privacy issues

– usability issues

– tellus – corporate philosphy on philanthropy and youth
– human kinetics – how tech has influenced health

– youth engagement coordinator
– engaging local island youth to get involved

my possible questions
– what tools do you use to “do good” are they online? if one doesn’t exist, what should it have? or do you just make one yourself?
– what do you think of the criticisms that many have toward youth and their meda consumption – multi-tasking, but not able to critically analyze
– do any of you use twitter

erica asked who knew:
what furries were (not many hands were raised – hehe)

very self referencial
ideologcally evasive
different than the 90’s – not culture jamming

what ways do they influence
– ability to connect
– skype as method of communicating
purchasing power
– question from audience – are youth actually buying online or are they thinking about their purchases and just consuming
    – not alot of purchasing going on online – but they don’t feel guilty

they consider 150k alot of users (16k canadians)

tech in the classroom
– interact with us, don’t just talk at us
– we need things in real time
– need constant access
– ask a librarian online/IM
– need simplicity

advertising online – how you interact with it, what works and what doesn’t?
– no pop ups –
– dove was effective – all online – viral and WOM
– do your due diligence on terminology – “i’d hit it” mcd’s
– flashy ads
– creative/video
– most annoying works
– just absorb it without thinking
– appeal to emotionss and make them think

Is the web fostering global action
– there is a need to be more creative about acting locally
– huge response from US on takingitglobal

are there unfounded concerns that adults have
– get your first life straight before you worry about your second life
– if you have a good kid, you dont have to worry so much

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