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Need your help – Vote for this TEE!!!

I have a super-duper cool designer friend by the name of Tom Deja and he has a design being voted for, on Threadless.

If you don’t know, Threadless is a super-cool Chicago based company run by nice folks who love community, t-shirts and good design. The comunity members vote on designs submitted by community members and the winners get their t-shirts printed. They even re-print runs of tee’s that have a huge following of people who want them reprinted.

The guys who own Threadless are great guys, met them this year in SF. AND my friend Tom is a great guy. So if you like great guys, good design, t-shirts or any combination of them, please vote for his t-shirt. If not for any other reason than I want to buy one and it needs to win for that to happen.

Tom Deja - Dodo tee

This is grassroots. This is Word Of Mouth. This is everything that we have been talking about.

Do it. Now.

Thanks! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Need your help – Vote for this TEE!!!

    1. Jealous! I love mint/sea foam, but I think those hues look weird on my weird skin. P.S.- We should dusicss weird hues and weird skin over brunch!

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