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Attack of the Facebook Apps

So Facebook announced they are opening their API to developers 2 weeks ago.  As I watch the Twitter updates from Mashable, every couple hours today the biggies are announcing another Facebook app release.  Digg, Google Reader, Twitter, TripAdvisor and the list grows.  It is fascinating to watch the list grow and grow. 

I read one blogger wondering if this was a good idea.  They talked about how cluttered and horrible the user experience became for users, aesthetically and operationally, when MySpace widgets started exploding last year.  That was about the time I stopped reading Mashable, actually, as all the news they were reporting was on myspace widgets.  Thank goodness they went backto a more comprehensive reporting model.

I hope the facebook peeps will have watched the foibles of myspace over the last year and learned from them.  I think it’s a much better interface and network in general.  The apps are a bit hidden even.  We will see.

I do know that at the Mesh Conference in Toronto last week, many people were talking about Facebook opening their apps. I heard more than one company add that the apps would be on the othe methods of distribution of their product/service/network.

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