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Webkinz and Club Penguin’s affect on my blog

So I wrote about both Club Penguin and Webkinz here, here, here, here, and here.  They are kids sites and therefore things that I track closely.

These are the most trafficked pages on the blog.  Thankfully, people seem to be reading other pages as well.  But these pages get the most traffic – not because they are the most insightful, well written or even colorful posts, but because legions of children and tweens are looking for cheats or forums to talk about their fav sites.  I know this, because they are the ones who leave comments, like this gem:

If Sony buys it here are some changes I think will happen.

*We will be allowed to swear as i mentioned in my other comment.

*puffle round up will be changed so that puffles attack you and you
have to defend yourselfs from them as you put them in the cage.

*The penguins will get energy so we will only be able to play for a limited time a day.

That is what I think will happen so far.

Or this one:

If Steve Jobs sells Apple it would bee for a gigantic amount of stock
so he’ll have a sit in the directors table to take actions in Google.
Same thing happened when selling Pixar to Disney. He keept his CEO
tittle in Pixar and he takes decisions for Disney, Co. So obviously
Steve keeps his CEO tittle in Apple, Inc. I hope Apple to stay like
Apple and not Gapple.

Or my fav:

Soil87 is my club penguin name. But CuteLil is my user name on
Webkinz but my pets name is Lil. I love Nelpets there awsome cute
little stuffed animals weird though. When Mc.donalds took them away I
was sad I cryed for like 5 days. Well then GO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!

Izzy Neis says she has the similar pheonomenon on her blog.

I wonder if there are other keywords/topics that have the same effect.  iPhone?  Bebo?  Just thought it was interesting and worthy of post.

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