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LinkedIn following Facebook strategy

I talked to LinkedIn founder and Chairman Reid Hoffman on Friday at the Supernova 2007 conference about Facebook’s rapid growth and potential incursion into his territory. He told me that over next 9 months LinkedIn would deliver APIs for developers, ostensibly to make it more of platform like Facebook, and create a way for users who spend more time socially in Facebook to get LlinkedIn notifications.

» LinkedIn to open up to developers | Between the Lines |

Facebook opened their platform almost a month ago, I have been
receiving the majority of my professional contact requests through
Facebook and not LinkedIn. I have read others around the blogosphere
that are experiencing the same phenomenon. As this occurs, LinkedIn is
going to have to take some sort of action that keeps them in the game.
This may be it. Enabling developers to build applications for their
network would be huge, but they would also have to be cautious when
launching a developer platform. LinkedIn is known for its absence of
distractions within profiles. If they opened their platform,
individuals’ profiles could rapidly become cluttered with excess
features. As a result LinkedIn would need an effective application
filtering process that only allows value-added applications to their

LinkedIn Opening Platform – The Unofficial Facebook Blog

I get the strategy, but trying to picture how it would be rolled out.  I LOVE LinkedIn as my resume/CV site.  People know the name and that they can find my work eperience there.  Actually was in a meeting today with someone who just printed out my LinkedIn profile, in lieu of a resume.  I admit, I don’t read or participate in their community features as much as I would like, but adding apps like Facebook would have to be done carefully so as not to mess up the current user experience, but instead enhance it. 

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3 thoughts on “LinkedIn following Facebook strategy

  1. LinkedIn has a huge oportunity and the design decisions should not be too cumbersome. If it hurries it has a chance to live another day beyond Facebook’s first steps into its teritory.


  2. Hi Ruth, I do not currently know our slcdeuhe for those dates, however looking at the diary there is unlikely to be a workshop or event at those sort of times/dates. It is possible and much more likely I will be working life modelling at one of those times, and you may be able to join me at a job, subject to agreement of whichever group I work with. I sometimes arrange sessions like this when people can’t make the workshop. Best to email for further arrangements. Thanks,

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