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Pownce marks the end for me I think

So… I got a Pownce invite.  I think it will be useful after a couple things happen:

  • My actual friends are on it
  • It is not web-based only (browser plugin or desktop widget is very much needed)
  • I determine how to use it in conjunction with my other networks.

I think I finally hit my social networking limit.  Alot of people are talking about “social networking burnout” lately.  I think I heard the term on the Managing the Gray podcast last week.  I don’t think it’s a permanent affliction though.  I hit podcast burnout a while back and am currently re-immersed completely.  I just don’t think I can manage anymore.

I heard of the term “entertainment debt” a few weeks back at a CIMA Marketing lunch, I think Melissa Lavinge from The Intelligence Group said it.  It’s the feeling that you get when you are behind on your entertainment – DVDs form Netflix, DVR backlog, emails from friends to respond to, MMOG’s to attend to.  The concept resonated.  I think that social networking debt is where I am now – I almost feel bad about not checking my different networks regularly.  I even have friends in my offline world rolling their eyes at me that I haven’t been to their pages or responded to their in-network messages for a while.  I have to keep reminding myself that the catalyst for my involvement is less social and more research, but many of the networks require the time investment in order to really understand them.  It’s a catch 22 of sorts.

All that said, I do have a couple Pownce invites left, if anyone needs one.

hehe… I am blogging while talking to my sister on the phone (multi-tasking!).  I told her I just joined Pownce, knowing full well she has no idea what that it.  She said it sounds like some sort of gang.  Well put.  🙂

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