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OCR Interview

This month’s Online Community Expert interview is with Joi Podgorny of Ludorum, Inc. Joi’s area of expertise is the post-Facebook crowd, Tweens and Children.

OC Expert Interview: Joi Podgorny, Ludorum, Inc. – Online Community Report

Wanted to post a link to an interview I did with Bill Johnston at the Online Community Report. I was able to talk about tons of different areas that I am interested in, in our industry.

Also, working on finishing Izzy and I’s first podcast. I will post when we are done with that – audio editing is hard! 🙂 Big week!

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I am a data & results driven Digital Media Influencer with over 15 years of experience in engagement, family marketing, scaling infrastructure and audience culture across a product’s lifetime from pre-launch to millions of users. Strategic Vision & Business Development: • Articulated corporate integrated digital marketing strategies for 10 children’s entertainment properties across multiple digital channels • Authored a comprehensive business plan for scalable online community infrastructure for internal and external partners and successfully participated in a thorough VC due diligence process • Increased sales revenue by 20% while managing 6 million dollars of annual revenue in existing business services. Production & Project Management: • Developed multiple 2D & 3D multi-player virtual worlds, online games & apps based on repurposed/original assets • Produced 12 animated 2-minute shorts for broadcast on television & developed animation production department workflows • Launched multiple major website redesigns to include more fan interaction • Led workflow & process optimization teams to improve operational effectiveness/productivity. Audience Engagement & Research: • Developed domestic and international audience research programs both on & offline for both parent and children audiences • Grew multiple audiences from pre-launch to tens of millions by using organic, as well as established marketing tactics. Team Management & Relationship Building: • Designed team management & organizational structures for multiple Web Content and Web Marketing departments including international remote teams of staff in North & South America, Europe and Asia. • Managed teams in multiple disciplines, including customer service, social media engagement, production, moderation, marketing, design, tech and content development. • Extensive client, vendor and partner management experience in television, licensing, digital, e-commerce & customer service industries

2 thoughts on “OCR Interview

  1. Dear Parents:

    I don’t know if you will post this, but this is a warning to parents regarding webkinz and passwords.

    My eight year old daughter has had a webkinz account since December. She loved it. She had two webkinz. For her birthday about three weeks ago, family, friends and my husband and I gave her 10 additional webkins, some charms and trading cards. She was so happy.

    Then school started. On the playground, one little girl was badgering my daughter for her user name and password. I had spoken with her about not sharing this information and what potentially could happen if she did share it. Well, this other little girl turned bully on the playground and began to squeeze my daughter until she couldn’t take it any longer and finally gave her password and her username up. This happened on Friday. She didn’t tell us when she came home. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to tell someone and I believe she didn’t want to disappoint us by telling us what happened. On Monday night, after a busy weekend, she logged on to her account and began screaming and crying.

    Apparently, this bully turned thief. Gone was over $31K in kinzcash, her pets were left out of their beds and things were missing from her doc.

    I am so frustrated over this. More so that I can’t just call webkinz to complain and see if they could shut down the thief’s account. But also because webkinz is facilitating a new type of crime with young, very young children. My child feels violated, as if she actually experienced a violent crime. And in her world, she did. Someone hurt her to get access to her account, stole what she worked hard for and mistreated her cyberpets. I can’t even describe the look on her face. It took me hours to try to calm her down and let her know that Mommy would try to do something about this.

    Has anyone else had this type of problem? Were you able to contact webkinz for any sort of resolution? Please help!

  2. I would do several things… contact the school about the bully, contact the parents and tell them what their child has done & find out as to what they intend to do about it and also contact Ganz and report the child for stealing.
    Quick question… who was watching the children at school that this child was able to physically assault your child without anyone noticing??

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