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Unedited Millenials conference notes

“Most innovative virtual worlds out there” – Stardoll and HAbbo

Scandanavia avatar army
“extremely non–cool” compared to all other vws all 2d
one click dressing
– dressing yourself and others
more is more
very pink
all html
6,1 million uniques/mo
“there’s nothing fun for this demo online”
18 diff languages
92% girls, 13.5 yo
entry point is solitary dressing game
avatar – “me-doll”
10 million reg users – 15 months
friend lists
“social play” not social media company
profile info
“all virtual” – no links, photos, real info
– virtual fashion mag
give presents
started as a celebrity paper doll site
avril lavignne page 5.7 million unique
– selling avrul merch for cut of rev
– music player integrated
Monetize via virtual sale
– 10 stardollars to dollar
– clothes cost 3-15 stardollars
payment method – SMS, CC, Target deal pending
auction site soon
8 unique stardoll brands on the site
just partnered with DKNY

EVP Habbo business

“safe and secure” said over adn over

mission – lets you do your own thing without real life restricitions
250 adult monitors
can use SMS or email to chat
everyone is new to this
lots of wow’s and chuckles from replaced words
internet and real life will never be 100% safe
habbo kpet  referring to strdoll
personal homepages – profile, no links or photos
habbos know about 75% of the people that they talk to
7 million uniques a month
78 million reg users
founded in 2000
9/2005 was US launch
habbo is locoalized for each market
– local actvities and holidays
– translation

Get a (Second) Life! How brands are navigating the Digital Space

Mark Ghuneim, CEO
Wired Set
digital marketing agency
analytics and mobile
ran digitial music area of sony

Teetmu Huuhtanen, Pres NA Habbo

Vernon Irvin, EVP & CMO
XM Radio
on mobile now

Rick Mandler
ABC – VP digital advertising and sales

PEte Snyder, CEO
New Media Strategies

– Need to work with community for markteing objectives
– There is s a differential int hemarletplace in what marketers want and think and what the reality is
– Giant opportunity to do more
– Peoples BS detectors are very high
– Creating content is not the core competency of many advertisers (
– Showing up univinted to a wedding with a great gift
– Try leveraging existing virtual worlds ratehr than starting from sratch
– Exclusivity versus Ubiquity
– ROI on online involvment has to have more than just eyeballs, need money spent
– Have to have some way of measuring whetehr or not the involvement is a good idea, before the project begins iif possible
– Dont be limited to traditional surveys, monitor the blogs, message boards, etc
– Choose trackable methods so you can have a conversaion rate
– more than impressions – volume, dispersion, tone, who

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