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Bunnybot has launched

Some of you may have known that this summer I was able to work on a
bunch of cool projects happening in the online world.  Most of them were prelaunch, so I didn’t get a chance to talk about them while I was on the project.  One of those
projects has just launched formally and I wanted to make sure you all
knew about it.

It’s called bunnybot.  Here is their announcement form their blog:

So we’re a new kind of shopping site. So we’re a new kind of instant messaging service. So we’re a new kind of… what are we? Here’s what we’re about:

– instant messaging (why wait?)
– instant feedback (about products or about anything under the sun)
– instant fun!

When you log in to bunnybot and tell us your IM credentials from AIM, MSN, Yahoo or Google we auto-populate your buddy list (soon to be changed to “buddies etc” since we learned yesterday that AOL owns the trademark to “buddy list”.

So if you happen to have buddies to shop with then you can share anything you want with them in real-time.

bunnybot blog

Check it out.  I did a focus group test with them and it had a great response.  Cute AND a good idea.

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