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VIrtual Worlds 2007 – So Many Platforms, So Little Time Panel

So Many Platforms, So Little Time
There are over a dozen current and emerging immersive virtual world platforms on the market today. Here’s what we can tell you about each of them without violating an NDA. In this interactive session you will learn the overall architecture of various platforms, the pipeline for development, the performance, and the business engagement that brands and media companies must explore. If you are considering entering virtual worlds with your brand or content, this is a must attend session. Join lead Sheep such Chris Carella, John Swords, and Jonathan Collins and their take on the various platforms. This session to be moderated by Valerie Williamson.
– Chris Carella, Creative Director, The Electric Sheep Company
– John Swords, The Electric Sheep Company
– Jonathan Collins, Executive Producer, The Electric Sheep Company
– Valerie Williamson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, The Electric Sheep Company

Sony Home
– delayd launch just announced
– still have millions of Ps3’s shipped, even if the console isn’t doing well
– Branded Lobbies for matchmaking (gaming)
– Sony still determining 3r party developers
– 3D studio max and maya environment
– 18-35 demo dominant
– huge opportunity for virtual goods
– Sony singstar online
    – ugc karaoke
– not clear whetehr there is web integration
– def have to work wth sony to get in world
– have to pay to get in
– will start allowing people to develop in next year

– platform company, PC base d(not console based)
– 3d develoment engine
– vehicle capabilities are quite unique
– rapid deployemnt tools
– have many gamelike features, but also have social aspects
– not a proof of concept in the market
– electric sheep company is considering them for some projects
– ideal for from-scratch development
    – avatar interactions, search functions, world developemnt
    – as an alternative to, say, SL
– creates a walled garden
    – not portable
    – you control the environment/rules
– started as a studio
– create industry standard ap and then bring them into the environment
– web and flash and voip integration
– windows only
– you can host your own grd, they are involved at launch tho
– script in lua

– open standards platforms
– want to become the vw browser
– one downloaded platform and can access many worlds
– updating tool set now
– rumors of 1500 avatars on one server
– multiple models for debelopers
    – you can use all of their tools for free and then they do a rev share
    – private worlds possible
– web and flash and voip integration
– currently for own world development
– windows only
– master server, like DNS to help call up worlds
    – you can license your own master server
    – you can host your own grid
– python

Second Life
– it doesn’t behave liek a media prop, but ratehr as real estate company
    – not pay to play ness
    – marketing folks get frustrated b/c they don’t have to deal with SL per se, unless you buy land
– wont moderate the conent, unles DMCA take-down or gambling
– done a good just thus far on attracting users to cretae content for them
– working on a grid now
– limited by server currently, but still very open
    – physics engine lives on server
– mac/wondows/linux – ll with voice

– 3d platform with graphics like SL and There
– windows only
– focus on social networking/events
    – voting determines event content
    – users posts feedback on event
– just released a developer prog
    – you can build nad put in
– both a world and a white label program
– scripting python

– created before broadband
– number of set objects you can make
    – can customize or mod your own items in 3d studio max
    – limited scope
    – they will develop new machina with you, but they are involved
– closed world
    – both a world and a white label program
– great web integration
– windows only
– grid is hosted by mckenna
– no sripting, limited to their preexisting

Active worlds/Swivel Media (wells Fargo project)
– electric sheep dont develop in, but have positive

Web based clients
– Smart Fox
    – Club Penguin
    – MMORPG functionality to flash programming
– Sulake
– Gaia – heavy weight in isometric space
– Metaplace
    – 2.5D
    – Area – do it yourself flash based environment
    – put htat virtual world on any web surface
    – should be done q108
    – highly anticipated

Interesting up and comers
– Croquet starting to be interesting
    – open source
– HiPihi – China’s play
– Ogoglio looks interesting
– Quack
– Metaplce
– Sun’s wonderland
– 3B

UCG in these worlds
– there
    – all moderated, eventho it is consumer generated
    – much safer for brands
– wow a great brand that creates content for users and doesn’t depend on users completely
– IP rigths are dealt with differently
    – SL allows users to retain rights
    – Sony will reatin all rights
    – Multiverse it depends on property
    – There/Kaneva more towards platform owns rights

User acquistion is very hard
– appeal of SL’s existing audience
– Sony has preestablished marketing channels

– icarus and multiverse – open however you want
– sony hasn’t given indication re: ecomm yet
– there takes a set cut
– econd life only make money ont he currency exchange

Dynamic user created developement
– Icarus, Multiverse, SL
– Can build in to your own world
– most is texturung and placing of objects
    – primarily 3rd party developement of new object tho

– Parallels doesn’t support DirectX9 and 10 (on 8.5)
– No partnerships with vmware either
– 3d monitors – more niche audiences and application until greater popn adopts

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