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Virtual Worlds 2007: VWs and the music industry

Virtual Worlds and the Music Industry
It began with the rise of iTunes, the shift from reaching fans via traditional methods like selling CD’s to reaching them via the Internet. And now, as an extension of the Internet/iTunes popularity, musicians are reaching their fans in virtual worlds. The truth is that artists know their fans are online and virtual worlds are the perfect venue to reach them. In fact, artists are dropping new albums in virtual worlds to increase subsequent CD sales as well as holding live virtual events to reach fans across the world. And with virtual worlds showing huge increases in registered users, you can expect to see more mainstream artists building better name recognition and more personal relationships with their fans via their avatar.
– Dorcas Casey, VP of Project Strategy & Development, FunWebProduct
– Tim Stevens, President and CEO, Doppelganger

– Matt Bostwick, SVP, Franchise Development, MTV Music Group
– Greg Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, GGL Global Gaming (moderator)


4d tv
– integrating what you see on tv with vw’s
– start on tv and then migrate to the vw

showed a promo for virtual mtv with artists appearances in world
– 30 major artists and emerging artisits


– launched ecommerce and micro transactions
– 13-18 is primary audience
– 50 cent boutique launched this year
– stage Z – 24 hours of programming, 175k users over
– profiles of celebrities

– virtual nightclub
– created a whole city of bars
– 40 radio stations, moving up to clubs
– emerging band

There was more of a tone of “wonder” with this panel while I was in there.  I opted to go to the otehr panel on web based vws instead which turned out to be much more spirited nad less idyllic.

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