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Grrr… Posting is hard

Happy new year everyone!

I am having a heck of a time getting time to post this month, with holidays, deadlines and a international vacation looming.  I tried to set up my Ma.gnolia links to auto-fill in my blog, but it’s not working very well.  I will keep trying, so that at least I can share my links with everyone.

Big plans for 2008.  But they are keeping me very busy.  More news later, just wanted to touch base.



Joi Podgorny has spent the better part of the past 2 decades working on the bleeding edge of the technology and entertainment industries, from content/brand development and production to leading international support, moderation, community and social teams. Most recently, Joi founded Good People Collective, a consulting agency focused on helping companies and organizations establish, assess and pivot their internal and external cultures to help maximize their potential. She and her team are currently working on an exciting new software project, combining corporate training and virtual reality.

17 thoughts on “Grrr… Posting is hard

  1. Happy new year to you too!

    I’m sorry to read that the daily blog postings haven’t been working. We found after returning from holidays that the feature had become jammed, and have been trying to un-jam it for the past couple days. If you expected to see a post last night but didn’t, please get in touch with us at and we’ll look into it for you.

  2. Yay, you guys! I love proactive support.

    I went into my profile settings and it apparently was reset to start in December of 2008. I switched it, and hopefully my links will start again tonight.

    I had brunch with Tara Hunt a couple weeks ago and found out she helped you guys launch the site. I told her, but I should tell you guys too, I REALLY like Ma.gnolia. Keep up the good work!

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    1. I don’t know about New Year resolutions, but I do know that a new year gives a new cineaonmtnt field. Past failings are relegated to ‘last year’, while ‘this year’ offers promise and hope. (Well, until we bugger everything up again!!)Inspired by your monigotes, this year I hope to sketch something every day. (The 3 Jan piece, with the additional scribblings, is very cool!)And since this is my first entry, can I tell you how much I dig your style. When I first saw it in Draw! magazine (the Illustrator tutorial issue) I freaked: it’s bawdy, but so beautiful and measured. Muy bonita!Do you still have sketchbooks for sale? And do you ship Internationally? (I live in Australia.) I’d be interested in purchasing one. (Not an Australia, a sketchbook!)Well, all the best for ’06!Oh, and you’re right about the sex and marriage business…But there’s always the flip side. At least we get some. *And* it comes without regrets, or the need for paper bags! 🙂

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