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SXSW2008: Kill Your Mouse: Kinetic Computing Arrives Main Stage

Lee Shupp   EVP,   Cheskin
Kristin Alexander   Dir,   Microsoft Surface
Brewster Kahle   Digital Librarian,   Internet Archive
Kai Huang   Pres,   Red Octane + Guitar Hero
Moderator: Christie Dames   Founding Partner,   TechTalk/Studio

Paradigm busting interfaces are bringing new life into computing and entertainment, enabling people to interact with digital tools in more natural and intuitive ways — with Intention and Motion as the key platforms for communication. Harnessing the explosion of the emerging digital experience that is changing our lives.

3 Desired Takeaways:

1. The ethnography of evolution: What’s changing about people to make this possible?

2. How people will adapt to and adopt these new interfaces and what that means for the people creating the technologies.

3. Influence of the “new” early adopters – from 20 somethings to 60 somethings; and from gamers to paraplegics.

40% female play guitar hero

NUI – natural user interface

asked a question about research regarding how these tech have affected use by fringe demos, like seniors and very young kids.  got anecdotes about wii, senior citizens playing brain age and how “kids just get it”.  le sigh.

nokia is working on iconic communication

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One thought on “SXSW2008: Kill Your Mouse: Kinetic Computing Arrives Main Stage

  1. Hi!

    I started a project 2 years ago on Kinetic User Interfaces. I am very happy that people are finally realizing the importance of kinetic-awareness in mobile and ubiquitous computing systems.

    See also my blog:

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