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Notes from Tech Cocktail

9 Tips to Profitability: How Squidoo Did It
Brian Williams & Corey Brown
1. Lean Teams
2. Be agile
3. Monitor Metrics and react
4. Beta Perpetually
5. Listen Carefully
6. Be open – use open source
7. Communicate Authentically
8. Spend Less
9. Patience Pays

Designing With Users In Mind
John Zeratsky & Matt Shobe – Feedburner/Google
1. Be Yourself
2. Be fast
– people think that your app is better if it loads fast
– minimize the number of requests, use image or css sprites
3. Be willing to give up control
– involve your rabid users, if poss
4. Be engaged
5. Be Polite
– respect privacy
– have good navigation
– give your user a way out if they mess up
6. Be Surprising
– respond directly to users – not scalable, but try

Innovate in 30 Minutes
Mike Macadaan – AOL/Bebo & Ant Creed – Intuit
– How to follow up with all those biz cards
– use a SN to follow up – linkedin
– incorporate linkedin to registration process

SEO Is All Grown Up: My Quest to be the #1 Douchebag on Google
Micah Baldwin
slides –
Secret of SEO
– Focus – its about ranking organically
– 13 clicks before a customer buys
Young foundational SEO
– 3 parts of seo
– code, content, context
robots.txt page in site files
– tells search engines not to search any of the images, etc
– exclusion standard
site map file
– be careful as hackers can use this to find sensitive files
popularity plugin for wordpress, sem plugin – http viewer – what a search engine sees when it’s searching your site
use a 301 redirect from www to regular
302 is a temp redirect – be careful as search engines will wait
duplicative content – be careful to not go over 20% same content on pages – cross posting
sticking content on bottom of page for seo, search engines will see as seo strat

Alex Cox – author of Inner CEO
– Capture those flashes of insight whenever they come, as they melt away quickly
– Courage is someone who flees forward
– Dont give counsel to your fears
– “I am…”, “Life is…”, “My Central goal is…”

Saw a great end of a session on GTD and Productivity, but didn’t take notes as I do most of thse thing.  Really, if I get more productive, I will time travel.

Cloud Computing and Scaling
Jason Rexilius
slides –
– a single application runnign simultaneouly in multiple locations around the world
Steve souders 14 rules for high performance web

Addtional notes
– minimalist approach to ppt slides  🙂

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