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Happy Time wasters

So, those of you who know me personally, know I work alot. Alot. You can especially tell when my blog posts are less frequent. So, from time to time, my brain stages a coup and makes me procrastinate and dawdle. That’s how I usually know I am due for a break.

Lately, since my DVR queue is lacking, I have turned online (yes, that IS happening and not just marketing speak). I thought I would blog about my favorite time wasters of late.

note: this blog post is about a month old – shows you that i even procrastinate on my procrastination tasks.


This is a really pretty site. I have always appreciated good web design and I am so happy that finally the mass market is demanding higher quality work.

doof is a games site that also seeks be a community as well. The interface is slick and the registration is engaging (yes it is possible). Plus they send really fun little teases via email to try to get you to return to the site.

If you don’t return for awhile, the urgings reduce in frequency (either that or the person they have doing those messages is slacking lately, but methinks it’s more automated than that). If anything, check it out. The games are primarily in the “casual” set, so it’s a nice place to have on your radar.


Brought to you by the same folks that have been doing Puzzle Pirates, whirled is worth a whirl (get it, sigh, I’m tired, sorry). This is another casual gaming community site. Not as slick as doof, but still fun to explore. Last time I visited the chat area was a bit clunky. But they allow you to design your own avatar or choose from some fun choices. My personal fav – dancing chunk of tofu.


I have belonged to this site for a bit, but I don’t remember it being as much of a time suck the first time I went there. My have they redesigned. It’s basically a book cataloging community. Sounds fun, right? 😐  Well, actually it is. Especially if you like looking thru peoples bookshelves in real life. But the fun part is how easy they have made it to build your own bookshelf. In under an hour I have over 100 books cataloged that I have read, am reading or want to read. Plus their community areas make it easy to find others with similar taste and at least find a new read for vacation.

flair app on facebook

Have you fell into this viral well yet? I don’t know if to envy or pity you. Either way, it’s my most recent favorite time waster. I have made, gifted, received and read more flair than I would like to admit. Well done app. Bravo, Pieces of Flair


Man (and woman) cannot live on dvr alone. For example, I forgot to set House to record this season. Realized too late. So I went to hulu and watched the missed episodes there. Perfect. The commercials aren’t even that annoying. I am moving in a couple months and I am going to make the just to no cable. Wish me luck. I think the PS3 I am buying to console the loss of cable should make it less painful. 🙂


Ok, so it’s not really digital, but I did check out the movie trailer there. This teen vampire series is great. Perfect summer reading. Quick, melodramatic, fantasy. I thank and curse Izzy Neis for making me get hooked. I am on the 3rd book in the series now, Eclipse, and I don’t want to finish it, as the next one isn’t due out for months. Le sigh. Plus, as one of my pieces of flair says, “Now all those random flair I didn’t understand make sense.”

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