Kids Online unconference next week (register today!)

Wanted to send a call out to say if you still haven’t bought your registration for the 11/13 Kids Online un-conference, you should this week.  I mean, it’s next week, so it makes sense, you know? :)  I know there are a bunch of you who intend on going, who just haven’t bought your tickets yet.

For you travelers who haven’t made arrangements yet (I am known to procrastinate too):

For reference, I talked with Kaliya and the closest hotels are the Avante and the Hilton Garden Inn. I haven’t decided which I am staying at yet, but I hear the internet cafe area in the Avante is great.

SJO is the closest airport, but SFO would work too.  Oakland is a bit of a trek, but if your air deal is rockin there and you don’t mind traffic, go for it.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  I have been SLAMMED with my job lately (We are on air on BBC2!), thus not even bookmarking things of late.  I am getting back to all the many emails I have been guilty of putting off today.  Thanks for all of your patience with me!!!


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  1. Joi, Nancy Gruver’s staying with me at my place, so wanted to offer the environs for any evening pow-wows in case folks need a spot to continue the conversation; I’m on the water in San Mateo (mid-Peninsula) so a good pit stop if anyone’s en route back to S.F. (for those that are day-tripping vs. overnighting) Maybe a decadent dessert grand finale?😉

    p.s. Will offer to be an airport shuttle for any of you inbound too, so just zap a note my way if anyone needs help.
    —the local girl

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