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Media and Hardware integration

Tons of articles of late about media and hardware integration – Roku and Amazon, Youtube/Netflix and LG, MySpace/Toshiba/Intel/Yahoo. Especially interesting the play the TV companies are making – smart direction to go in, imho.

I hope they don’t migrate too close to exclusivity and these are just the projects and partnerships that open the door to a consumer friendly integrated experience.  I worry that some of the account and sales reps negotiating these deals may get blinded by the $ and forget about what they are enabling.

Noone wants to be tied to one thing or even a collection of things when they are consuming media.    Sure we do it, like itunes/ipod, but I know that if Itunes started not having the content and experience I wanted, I would move away.

I am positive there is a way to integrate everything together that still allow for accurate tracking of revenues so everyone is happy.  And those who know me know that I am not an idealist.  Let’s make it happen people!

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Joi Podgorny has spent the better part of the past 2 decades working on the bleeding edge of the technology and entertainment industries, from content/brand development and production to leading international support, moderation, community and social teams. Most recently, Joi founded Good People Collective, a consulting agency focused on helping companies and organizations establish, assess and pivot their internal and external cultures to help maximize their potential. She and her team are currently working on an exciting new software project, combining corporate training and virtual reality.

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