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How about you moderate your judgment a bit now, eh?

So I took a couple long planned vacations this summer – one of which just ended.  We were at the awesome Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado and our amazingly sweet server came to our table with the most enormous bowl of homemade mac n cheese we had ever seen.  Apparently, the chef was testing out specials and gave it to her to try.  Alas, she’s hoped off the gluten train, so she offered her bounty to us.  And I devoured it.  I have little self control when it comes to mac n cheese, so I rarely make or order it.  But the vacation gods saw fit to bestow this unto our table – who were we to protest.

Now chocolate, I like that too.  But I usually only take a bite or two at most and I am satiated.  Most sweets are like that for me.  I like them, but they don’t move me, not like a cheesy pile of starch can.  (Don’t even get me started on how fried chicken speaks to me.)

So do I eat cheesy starch goodness daily or even weekly?  No.  Because it’s not good to do that for waistlines, arteries and a host of other healthy, albeit annoying, reasons.

Why I am I writing this?  Because I would like the tech-shaming masses to slow their roll.

Guess what else I do all the time – use tech.  And not just my trusty cell, no, I am on tablets, laptops, old devices the kids are using – you name it.  Gadgets are ever-present. And I am working, I am liking and sharing things, I am documenting with pictures, reviews and ratings.  I am interneting all over the place, all the time!

EGADS!  She must be so unengaged!  Her poor family and friends!

But wait – I am also walking the dogs, making dinner, going for runs/bike-rides/hikes, helping (forcing) the kids with their homework/reading minutes, cleaning the house, lounging in the pool/hammock, traveling all over the world/country/state. Basically, all of the things.

And yes – sometimes, I am doing the tech things when I am doing the non-tech things.

Send positive thoughts to her loved ones!

Actually – It’s ok – because I have been able to practice moderation in my actions with tech, just as I have been able to do with cheese covered tater tots, nachos and fried chicken.

I can check Yelp or Pinterest and then check back into the conversation I was having – usually with more information to add to the conversation, as I was using the network to reference or enhance said conversation.  Because I am usually not disengaging for the conversation at all – more multi-tasking.

I upload tons of pictures of my various adventures to Facebook – not because I am a braggart or narcissist – but because I now live 1000 miles from my parents, siblings, cousins and other extended family who share the deep craving I have to connect in the same way we once did at monthly family bbqs.  Liking posts/pics and making silly, seemingly benign comments helps make that craving sting less.

And yes – I too can feel my step-kids eyes on me if they walk into the room and I am killing time on a game on my phone or tablet.  But guess what?! – I can also turn the game off!  Because I am a grown up and I have control over my actions.

If someone you know truly can’t multi-task in a conversation or is not paying attention to their kids because of the new phone-game-du-jour – they may have an addiction problem.  See if they need help.

But lay off the rest of us who are embracing this brave new world of information, engagement and, dare I say it, CONNECTION with other humans. Some of us can handle it – we can email/tweet/pin something for you about it. 😛



Joi Podgorny has spent the better part of the past 2 decades working on the bleeding edge of the technology and entertainment industries, from content/brand development and production to leading international support, moderation, community and social teams. Most recently, Joi founded Good People Collective, a consulting agency focused on helping companies and organizations establish, assess and pivot their internal and external cultures to help maximize their potential. She and her team are currently working on an exciting new software project, combining corporate training and virtual reality.

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