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Oprah’s “surprise” flash mob – organized via SM

Say what you will about the Oprah machine, this was a fantastic result of planning that started last week via twitter and facebook.

I remember the request for people interested in participating in a group dance event with the Black Eyed Peas in the Chicago area going out.  One of my sisters is a little (ok, alot) obsessed with the concept of flash mobs and was heartbroken that she was unable to participate in the prep for it.  My sister in law was in the second group back, dancing.

I was down on Michigan Ave, finishing a lunch meeting while the dance was being practiced by the crowd (Pics here and here). The event was SO incredibly civil and organized.  Oprah was 50 yards away from the crowd practicing, so her claim that she didn’t know is a bit lame.  😉

Quite impressive, though, the effect that Oprah + social media could have.  😀