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Celebrate: Family Dance Party Style!

As I prepare to unplug and enjoy the US Holiday weekend, I thought I would share my new fav internet rabbit hole – I love Love LOVE the new trend of parent/child dances.

With all the polarity in our news of late, what a great way to disconnect and have fun with your kids!

Enjoy a sample of some of my favs here:

Happy 4th!

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Just Be Cool (Netiquette 101)

Had a bit of a family flame war on Facebook today.  Oh, n00bs… So I wrote this letter to my FB friends, old and new alike.  Thought I would share it on here too.

I have been an internet nerd for over a decade now and I am excited to see such an influx of those who “aren’t good at computers” joining the connected world.

As a online community person, I know that there is a trajectory that a user goes through, no matter their age, as they are introduced, learn and soon, master this brave new world.

I wanted to take this chance to remind my newbie FB “Friends,” as you climb higher up the ladder of knowledge about these new playgrounds, there are somethings you might take for granted or forget in your haste to assimilate into this new environment:

  • Take control and use your blocking and filtering tools. If you don’t like something, almost every site (including FB) has tools to help you not see those things – and you can always leave too.
  • FB has very few content rules, meaning anyone can post whatever they like – esoteric, prolific, insane, benign, professional, inspirational, etc – it’s the beauty and drawback of social media.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe they WEREN’T mocking you.  Maybe YOU read it wrong.  Usually, it is text, after all.  you don’t have the benefit of body language or tone to help you out.
  • You can liken it to a playground for kids – Just because you want to play a fairy tale princess game on the jungle gym, doesn’t mean everyone else does. There are also: kids who want to play tag, kids who want to read, kids who want to kiss up to the teachers, kids who want to tell dirty jokes…
  • Don’t be a hater – there are too many of those already in the world online and off. And noone likes them. Anywhere.
  • The internet is a relatively public forum. Social networks are a bit more walled, but they are just the same. If you wouldn’t rip on your nephew at the summer bbq, in front of the whole family, don’t do it online. Online is almost worse as it’s now documented.

So, my newbie friends, if it feels like I am giving you a lesson that I would an 8 year old, it’s kind of because I am.

You are new here in this digital space and we will have patience with you while you learn the ropes. But don’t use up your newbie cards to soon, because the internet is like the real world and people will just stop dealing with you here too.

Now if you can’t manage the offline space either…

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My wired family

Can I take a minute to write about my family? I try to keep this blog professional, but it has to do with many of the topics I write about often, so I will let this slide.

Over the past year, my family has leaped, no dove head first, into the digital age. Sure, I am still the geek of the clan, but each one has embraced this digital world we now live in and I wanted to take a second to give them their individual props.

My sister, Jesica Savich, got married a couple years ago and fell in love with her wedding video (after her husband , of course). She then taped my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and was hooked. Within an amazingly short amount of time, she started, and is now earning part-time wages (and I would venture to guess, soon full time) from helping tape peoples weddings for them. She designed her site herself, bought and taught herself how to use a mac and as well as some very intimidating video equipment and has successfully self marketed herself. Bravo Jesica!

My brother, Taylor Podgorny, is an audio engineer, who dabbles in concert promotion and manages a Chicago band called Metrovox. He is trying out different kinds of viral marketing techniques to help promote the band, including events on the different social networks and marketing on different event sites.

Another sister (I have 3), Gabrielle, joined Facebook just before entering college and within days had over 100 friends. I think she has over 300 or 400 now, but this is a gal who was too busy working part-time jobs and doing mission work to be connected in high school. Now she keeps touch with friends back home and friends she has met on missions all over the world via Facebook

My dad, John Podgorny, is a successful career network marketer was chatting with me last month about starting a help community online for people getting started in his business. My dad’s gonna be a chat moderator! 😀

My mom, Sheri, who has famously called me to ask every minute computer question (only to figure it out five minutes later on her own) now has a Blackberry, is driving a Prius, and finding wifi spots for her new laptop. HA!

All I have to do is get Linus P Alexander a wifi detector collar or something and I will have the most connected family I know. Actually, Linus has a Dogster page, so I guess we are already there.

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