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Internet + Books = YES!

Thanks trendcentral!  Every so often you give me a goldmine of great links.  Today was one of those days.  For those of you who don’t subscribe, today’s was all about multi-media reading products.  Love it!


Book + DS, Yes.  Kudos.  This was a no brainer, but if you have to make your lil gamer read a book, this is a perfectly good platform and even looks a bit like a kindle.  And the titles are tween-tastic.


iPhone + Books, Maybe.  I have tried reading on my iphone and it’s not enjoyable. But I like books.  I watched a friend of mine reread Twilight by the pool this summer on hers, so to each their own, I guess.  This combinaton of video, audio and reading is a cool idea.  I bought one of them to try out.  At $4.99 the price point is right and the small bursts of info might be a better use of the medium than classics, etc.

Amanda Project

All media + book, Ok.  This reminds me of that book in 2006 that came with all the fun clues int he front and a phone number and a crappy website.  So innovative back then.  It was when everyone was jumping on the Lost ARG band-wagon.  Publishing is not know for it’s creativity and thinking out of the box, and this method seems like a step up from that older book (I will remember it and post) [Cathy’s Book]

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SXSW09 notes

better late than never, eh?… 🙂

Iphone gaming session
– There are 20-30million iphones/itouchs in market
– games and entertainment 1 to 3, account for more than half
– pinch media has great iphone usage stats in US
– There are over 600 paid family apps
– 70% of mobile market (people using their phone for web use) is from iphone – not the same as market share
– make less than $1 profit margin per app
– hoping for push notifications soon

– core
– free apps – maximize traffic
– platform – multiply traffic (ads incorporated)
– paid apps – direct to premium apps (native & awesome)

– ngmico average durations on games
– 22.6 min rolando,
– topple 11.3 minuutes,
– mazefinger 6.3 minutes

– distribution
– 27,000 apps, hard to get featured
– chronological listing is the only implicit feature area
– refresh every 2-3 days
– ads not cost effective – great clickthru, but not great rev
– youtube videos and reviews
– send out press releases to every media outlets
– get them free copies of the game
– as much info as possible
– once app in top 100, it is self sustaining
– pangea hired reverb communication to handle the pr
– the more you do to encourage viral marketing
– invite and challenge features help

– price points
– started at $10

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– Learning and Gaming core conversation was a tense and interesting session. Mind Candie’s peeps headed it up and had tons prepared, but the crowd was not having it. Within the first 10 minutes a griefer in the back raised the tension stating that trying to determine how gaming in schools could ever happen with the strict educational standards in schools. A designation of learning versus educational was made, saying that while they may mean very similar things, the connotations are looser with the term “learning”. Then another griefer took it to an extremely tense moment bashing teachers for being horrible and that all of them should be gotten rid of as they were just getting worse. This caused the teachers of the room to get all riled up and many of us wondered who would bring it back to a professional conversation level. Many great applications of integrating learning into games and gaming into classrooms were given, but the topic kept coming back to the lack of a bridge to connect the developers to the educators. One gentleman offered to build such an application and was received with much fanfare a the end. All in all a very interesting session and positive outcome to know that the topic is so emotionally charged.

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Tech Moms
– Lively conversations in the room and all very passionate
– Talked about the paradox of Paid Endorsements
– lost authenicity if you pay, but risk of negative feedback if you dont
– ROI vs SOI – Sphere of Influence
– Have to figure out where the moms are
– Many moms prefer local forums over blogs
– tons of moms on twitter now
– see the saturation of mom forums/communities, etc and use twitter as a catalyst tool
– “give me the tools” to engage with your brand
– twitter hashtags of #playoutdoors, #momsxsw, #techmoms, #momswhotech
– Rachel Silverman – NYT moms/tech columnist