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Twitter thoughts

What’s this you say – you are on twitter?  Well, welcome friend!  Some of us have been on it for a while.  Personally I have been trying to figure out why I am on it since I started.  But it’s finally made it mark in the mass market and here are some interesting twitter links//stories I found in my catching up phase:

– Wefollow – yeah, I know Ashton, Demi, Oprah, Ellen and Shaq are on twitter and they brought their audiences.  But there are some other really cool people tweeting it up and you can find the most popular ones here.  

 – My advice to newbies is to click on a persons twitter page and see what sort of things they post and how often.  For example, Quest Love from the Roots has cool stuff, but he tweets ALOT.  Also, you might not need to know when your fav celebrity is “heading to the gym” or “eating a sandwich.”  I personally like funny non-sequitor tweets and relevant industry news.

When did you join? – cool and simple tool/site that tells you when you joined the “new” big thing.  I was part of the SXSW 07 wave, as evidenced by my 3/10/09 start date.

– Y’all know I am a sucker for a good chart.  Here are some great twitter visualization tools. 😀 TweetStats, Trendrr, Tweetmeme, and my fav – Xefer