Why SLC?

Why SLC?  Well, let me tell my story…
My story of moving to SLC is one of reluctance, then pure drive and finally acceptance & happiness.
I was brought to this city by a fabulous video game software company that was getting into the kids gaming space in 2010 and they wanted my professional background on the team.  Like a diva, for over 4 years, I flew in part of each month to SLC, but kept Chicago as my primary residence.
During that time, I met my husband – but not because I was looking for love.  It was more that I was bored in my non-work hours and just looking for some company in my restaurant wanderings.  While I did very much fall in love him (he’s pretty great), I still felt extremely strong ties to my other city.  Such strong ties, that it took YEARS to actually realize I was spending the majority of my time in SLC.
So in early 2014, we decided to start getting more involved.  I had always been involved in cultural affairs and museums in Chicago, so first we joined the NHMU’s Copper Club.  From there, I met new friends that introduced me to United Way of Salt Lake’s Women’s Leadership Council, the Big Brother Big Sister’s Mentor 2.0 program and the MS Society of Southern Idaho and Utah’s Women on the Move event committee.  Then my involvement in those groups led me to meet some other go-getter ladies at the Junior League of Salt Lake, on which I serve as a board member currently.
Simultaneously, I re-started my old networking habits and began going to co-working events, offering my time as a mentor to local entrepreneurs.  That led to my helping co-host the Jumpstart Mornings with Social Entrepreneurs at the Impact Hub SLC and helping start the SLC Chapter of Creative Mornings, a group of which I became co-city-host of for 4 years.
Because of my involvement in the burgeoning SLC Women in Gaming community while at the software company, I was asked to start sitting in on board meetings at a new tech-focused project-based-learning high school called Wasatch Institute of Technology.  While a great idea, the execution was less than great, so when I formally joined the board, it was sadly to help dissolve that charter.  But my involvement and dedication to that school introduced me to the great team at another project-based-learning school, Roots Charter High School, on which I served as a board member, the board chair for 2 years.
Somehow, in between all of those activities, I:
– Incorporated my consulting practice, Good People Solutions, started building a client base and crafting a tech business plan
– Started a bike tour & general contractor company with my husband.
– Began recording a weekly podcast with a great local nfp, Kidnected World, called the Happy Wanderer Podcast, having smart convos about articles concerning teachers, education, kidsmedia, community, society & learning
– Helped the Girl Scouts of Utah chapter in fundraising/marketing, as well as helping as a co-troop leader for my step-daughter
– Spoke at a Planned Parenthood of Utah fundraiser and working with their citizen lobbyist team
– Accepted a board position at a fantastic publishing nfp, Red Fred Project, who makes books with kids in difficult medical situations
– Joined the Utah Community Foundation Women’s Giving Circle and the YWCA Critchlow Society, both benefiting women-focused charitable giving
– Continue working to advocate for women’s leadership opportunities locally with Real Women Run, Women’s Leadership Institute and Womenpreneurs events
So, I am here, in SLC, making it happen.  My drive and motivation understandably freaks out many of my new neighbors, but Utahans are a resourceful people.  I have joined so many things because I have been asked.  And the more connected I’ve become in this local community, the happier I have become.  I guess this career Online Community Manager is taking her show offline now too. 😉