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Tag, I’m it

So I was tagged. Twice. So I will respond, finally. Oh, how hard it is to blog lately. Thanks goodness for ma.gnolia’s feed. 🙂

Community Guy – Jake McKee » The Things I Can’t Travel Without

What can I not travel without. Hmm… my ticket, clothes, 😛 Ok for real.

  1. A laptop. I have a Macbook and a Macbook Pro. I don’t really go anywhere without them when I am not traveling. When I am traveling, they are almost always on me.
  2. My Ellington “Vertical Multi-Tasker” backpack. Quite possibly the best bag I have ever bought. And I have bought alot of back. Thin, but holds tons of stuff. Professional, but still a functional backpack. This bag has been around the world this year with me. When it dies, I will buy another immediately.
  3. My ipod packed wth podcasts. I can’t go anywhere without my podcasts. Buzz out loud and Cynopsis for news and Best Week Ever and Ask A Ninja for fun are current traveling favs.
  4. Airbourne. I get sick alot. This stuff helps.
  5. Skype. The more people I can talk to when I am traveling, especially overseas, the better. I was gone for a great deal of Sept-Nov last year and will be gone most of March this time. Skype helps homesickness, especially being able to see a loved one’s face.
  6. Space bag – I am so getting one of these before my next trip. It totally saves space and is a perfect place for dirty clothes in a tiny suitcase.
  7. Blackberry. I just got the world edition, but my blackberry is nice to have around when I dont want to lug my computer around town. I WISH I had an iphone, but until they are on verizon, I will have to wait (possibly forever).
  8. Offline google reader. LOVE reading my backlog of feeds and then re-syncing when I get back to an internet connection off the flight. I will never catch up, but at least when it’s offline, it LOOKS as if I am making progress
  9. I remembered another one – graph paper notebooks.  For work, I like the multi-colored, tabbed, spiral bound Clairefontaine notebooks, that I can only find at Container Store (yet not online 😦 ).  For personal, I use the black Moleskin version.  Something about the graph paper tho…

Game Time: 8 things you didn’t know… « Izzy Neis

Little late on the reply… or am I early? Regardless, here are more:

  1. Lately pop and R&B songs have tons of meaning to me. That is a bad thing, in case you didn’t know.
  2. My dog’s name is Linus, he is a black pug and he is amazing, even with all the snoring and farting.
  3. I can’t watch TV passively unless I am sick. I have to be on my computer, knitting, folding clothes or otherwise multi-tasking.
  4. I love evangelizing for products/services that I love (See my blog and multiple twitter posts). I live WOMM. 🙂
  5. I collect indie toys, like those at Rotofugi.
  6. I can cross-stitch, quilt, knit, crochet, make clothes, spin pottery, craft and do tons of other handi-craft.
  7. I could eat Indian buffet everyday.
  8. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because its about food and family.

I tag Chris, Brian, Shea, Amy, Lizzie, Sara, Colleen, and Jerry. Pick one or both (or neither) of the memes to reply to.

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