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What I bookmarked today


very cool game dev platform. you can build your own game and allow other folks to modify and mash it. the ultracool factor is that it’s all browser-based.

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Clicktoy Interactive Inc

Venture through a pop-up book come to life. Observe and interact with the loveable animals in their natural habitat, The Meadow.

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Protexis – Enabling open, neutral and efficient networks for online digital content distribution – ESD, electronic software distribution, online software distribution, online software sales

Protexis RED (Retail Electronic Distribution) enables you to securely package and deliver your game titles digitally through major online retailers so that they can do what they do best—upsell, cross-sell and merchandise your titles to their customers. Join the RED revolution. Add your titles to the RED catalog today.

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BSG’s Bill2Phone Gives Internet Surfers Purchasing Alternative


PaymentOne: Digital Payment Services That Lift Revenue

PaymentOne Provides Digital Payment and Co-Marketing Services That Enable Digital Merchants to Lift Revenues More Than 25% and Help Network Operators Increase ARPU and Retention


Muskedunder Interactive AB

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Introduction to Hansoft

the most talked about dev management system at the show. Very nice. (Blizzard, EA, and Pixar were all at the booth asking very pointed question

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Hillcrest Labs

aftermarket wii-like devices embedded in plush toys. His demo was a Monsters Inc PC game that involved jumping and running.

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HandyGames™ is one of the leading independent developers that create high quality games and applications for mobile handsets with an own international distribution network.

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Welcome to D3Publisher | Main Page

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IGN: JellyCar Trailer, Videos and Movies

IGN is the ultimate resource for the JellyCar trailer with the widest selection of JellyCar videos and movies.


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