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LittleBigPlanet – Video Game Review

Parents need to know that this game offers three for one price. It’s a unique platform puzzle game, a game-creating kit, and a community to share and explore how to make games. Since the community is online, parents might want to explore this community with their kids younger than age 12, because while the community is closely monitored, creative sorts sometimes choose age-inappropriate themes for their work (at the time of this publishing, there is a YouTube video showing a player-created level where Sackboy, the main character, is a little sperm trying to be ejaculated). It’s possible for your child to stumble upon something you would rather they didn’t before the game monitors pull down the inappropriate content. On the other hand, this is a community where creativity and inventiveness is celebrated. And it’s one where you can play with friends or family either online or on the same console (for up to four players).

Families can talk about how to get ideas for making new levels. Can things you do every day provide inspiration? How about joining together for a family creativity night of exploring new user-created content and making your own?

LittleBigPlanet – Video Game Review

SO excited for this.  Seriously, I will buy a PS3 for this.  I played for an hour at Lollapalooza this year.  Missed a bit of Lupe Fiasco even.  I mean LUPE.  That’s how fun this was.  And it was great, made friends instantly with the other 3 players (one of which was a 10 year old beta tester), as the game promotes collaboration and team work.  LOVE it! 

(PS. probably freaked out the street team guys in the Lolla tent too.  Excited plain clothes industry people are always a bit weird – why do they know that? why are they talking like that? who asks those sorts of questions?  why can’t they just be cool?)

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