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Virtual Chuggington is now live for Private Preview!

Over a year of planning and production, thousands of international frequent flier miles and more than a couple late nights, but I am proud to announce that:

Virtual Chuggington is now live for Private Preview!

But what does this mean?

You know how I tell people that I make video games? Well, this is the one our team has been making the past year. It’s based on the hit pre-school series, Chuggington, now on air in the UK and Germany, and soon to be on air in Canada, Australia, and the rest of Europe. You can check out more about the show on our website,

Virtual Chuggington is a virtual world/online game that was designed to let you play IN the cartoon! You can become an engine and ride around Chuggington like the characters, while performing tasks, just like the engines on the show!

So when you visit the website, sign up to help us beta test the new game. This means that for the next 6 months, we will be rolling out new parts of the world to individuals who want to help us test it. And I am inviting you to this phase.

If you sign up for the Private Preview, you will be one of the first to access this new immersive game for preschoolers (and the grown-ups who love them). To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this exists yet (and if you know of anything, please let me know 😉 )

We took all of the animation for the game right from the 3D animation from the show, so the graphics and environments are amazing. The game play is simple, but fun, and we tried to make the game easy to play for our young fans, so there is limited text for instructions, etc.

The full version of Virtual Chuggington launches this summer, so this is a chance to get a sneak peek before anyone else. If you get a chance to sign up and share this with your favorite youngster, please be sure to give us your feedback – both cheers and jeers. The only way to make this as amazing of a game as we think it can be is from your critiques, so fire away.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you all in the rail-yard!

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6 thoughts on “Virtual Chuggington is now live for Private Preview!

  1. Hi do you have any idea whatever happened to Virtual Chuggington?

    My son loved the beta version but it never seemed to make it into a full release.

    Do you know if they still plan to make it available for release at some point?

    1. did you ever find out what happened to virtual chuggington? i saw an advertisement, even found a version 0.4 download, but i need to log in. Why would this be advertised if it never made it out of beta?

      1. Hey man i know this is years later but do you have a link to the download? I remember seeing it on a DVD years ago and never could find the download

      2. Sorry, I think the link might have been in the back of a story book we no longer have. Either that or I scoured the internet for it. I doubt it would be much use to anyone now.

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