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Indian Youth Network Site –

Create your Own Adda, Connect with Old Friends & Make New Ones! Share Videos and Photos only on BigAdda

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All Things Lucid – Welcome To Our World

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Virtual Worlds News: Marketing to Parents in Kids Worlds?

Virtual Worlds News is the source for virtual worlds business news, strategy, insight and analysis.

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HiPiHi virtual world launches public beta test | VWF blog | Virtual Economic Forum Content Library

Chinese virtual world HiPiHi has launched its public beta test, offering both Chinese and English language versions. It’s free for users to register, with a business model based around renting land and item sales, much like Second Life. It’s one of the most eagerly-awaited new virtual worlds, with the industry keen to see if it takes off in the (potentially) huge and (hopefully) lucrative Chinese market. The promo video above should give you some idea of its look and feel

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Chinese virtual worlds still in early stages | VWF blog | Virtual Economic Forum Content Library

It’s tempting to see China as a potential goldrush for virtual worlds, given its huge population. However, an article in Business Week makes it clear that it’s very early days indeed, claiming that the largest local virtual world, HiPiHi, has 48,000 registered users, while its main rivals NovoKing and UOneNet have £10,000 and less than £1,000 respectively.

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Virtual Worlds News: Video: Disney on Virtual Worlds as Theme Parks, Interoperability, Plans, and More

Fast Company put together a great video looking at Disney’s range of virtual worlds, featuring interviews with pretty much all the heavy hitters in the department. Disney recently has taken some flak from users for closing Virtual Magic Kingdom without making it easy to take that community elsewhere. As the company ramps up for more and more virtual worlds across a wide age spectrum, it’s seeing a definite need to make that a connected experience with smooth transitions.

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Mommy Needs A Cocktail

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Panfu is a safe virtual world online for children. Here they can play educational games, meet and chat with friends and, most importantly, have fun!

Panfu is a friendly, virtual world, in which children can play online games, have fun, learn Spanish easily and make new friends.

Child-appropriate chat

Exciting online games

Advertisement free

Learn Spanish

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